… or the lack thereof.

Sigh. Life.

but I’m back on something that resembles a track. My brain is just getting pulled in too many directions right now. It’s thinking more about a real production run of Laser Squid Nemesis!! and my next project (a shining-force style game) than my current one.

I have upgraded to Lion, Xcode 4.2, and iOS 5. I suppose I’ll need the latest Cocos2D (although it feels like I just did the 4.x upgrades…) too. This saturday is set aside for creating the in-game menus so I can test object placement. I need to be able to create the mazes during play which will involve …

  • pausing
  • creating overlay
  • red-out monster occupied space
  • red-out already wall-occupied space
  • click on green spaces
  • remove overlay
  • animate construction (if at all)

ugh it’s a lot.  I’m not sure why I thought this would be easier than a turn-based RPG.  Oh well.

Oh, and at some point I put together a conversion of D&D 4e for a Gargoyles-Animated Series inspired setting called Avalon: Mists of Time.  It’s got a ranged defender called the gunslinger and sentient velociraptors as playable characters.  Go check it out.

Steve out

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